Basic policy
We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws and regulations.
We will establish a system for properly managing personal information. A manager will be placed in charge of each department that handles personal information and officers and employees will be notified of our regulations to help ensure compliance.
We will strive to prevent unauthorized access and loss and leakage of personal information and we will continuously improve and correct our information security.
We will respond promptly and in good faith to requests from customers.
Collection of personal information Use and provision
We will not deviate from our prior agreements with regard to the use of collected personal information.
Moreover, we will not disclose and provide personal information to third parties without your consent except when requested by public agencies and payment institutions under the authority prescribed by law.
Proper management of personal information
We will manage personal information properly and strictly.
We will conduct information security measures to prevent unauthorized access and loss and leakage of personal information and regularly audit its effectiveness.
Continuous updating of personal information protection system
We regularly audit our company’s personal information protection system. In addition to accommodating changes in our business and social activities and information systems, we will revise our company ‘s personal information protection system on a continuous basis. We will respond promptly and sincerely to concerns over the handling of personal information.